Girl Reporter | STEM Night


Kira B.
Girl Reporter

On September 6, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council hosted STEM Night! There were many activities for girls to participate in all while having fun and learning, too. There were a lot of different Girl Scout troops at the event.

One activity the girls did was take a picture taped to a stick and move the stick back and forth really fast. The picture looked like it was moving and girls learned why it did that.  The girls all had a lot of fun and were really engaged in the activity. The girls all had different pictures and when the experiment was over, they all went around the room and shared their names and said what their picture was.

Girls then made roller coasters out of toilet paper rolls and foam tubes and then they cut plastic cups to listen to the wind through it.

Another activity was to take pictures in front of the green screens which was really neat.


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