Girl Scout Impact Study

The Girl Scout Research Institute delivers customer-centric, data-driven insights across the Girl Scout Movement and beyond. Our team measures the impact of Girl Scout programming and leads national conversations about girls and their development via groundbreaking original studies. These findings are then used to inform program, public policy, and advocacy for Girl Scouting—and we’re happy to share them with you.

This summary of findings, which draws on data from a nationally representative sample of Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts aged 5-18, shows that Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to develop strong leadership outcomes, have adults in their lives who help them think about their future and pursue goals, and participate in activities that shape their character and open up new worlds to them.

Girl Scouts also helps girls do well in the classroom and beyond! Compared to their non-Girl Scouts peers, Girl Scouts earn better grades, have higher academic aspirations, and desire a career in STEM, business, or law; industries in which women are underrepresented. The Girl Scout Impact Report provides compelling evidence that Girl Scouts has a strong, positive impact on girls, helping them develop into citizens who are responsible, caring and engaged – and prepared for a lifetime of leadership.

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