How To Build An Edible Camp Fire For Kids

All week long Girl Scouts at Camp Wi-Wo-Ca in Yucaipa, Ca. are learning their Outdoor Living Skills. One of those very important skills is fire safety and we start teaching our youngest campers in a fun and – yummy – way using edible camp fires!

Here’s How:


Napkin (Safety Circle)
Small Cup With Water (Water Bucket)
Fork (Rake or Shovel)
Mini Marshmallows (Fire Ring)
Shredded Wheat (Tinder)
Shoestring Potato Sticks (Kindling)
Pretzel Sticks (Fuel Logs)
Red Hots (Fire)
Gold Fish Crackers (Fish)



  1. Clear a safety circle 5 feet out from
    the fire circle.
  2. Have your water bucket & tools nearby.
  3. Make your fire circle ring.
  4. Make an “A” or “V” frame of logs
    Open end facing the wind.
  5. Make a teepee or lean to of tinder
    inside the logs in a corner of the A or V.
  6. Light the tinder with a match.
  7. When a small fire is started add kindling
    leaving room for air to flow.
  8. Now the fire is burning brightly.
  9. Put your fire out using your water (take a gulp).
  10. Use your rake to finish off any hidden embers.

And just for fun, you can cook a few of those “fish” you’ve caught!



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