GIRL REPORT | Ahoy Matey! GSSGC 1250+ sails to Camp Catalina!


By Analyse H.
Girl Reporter

Me and my mom!

Sting rays, sea lions and kayaks, oh my! This was my experience at the awesome Camp Catalina: a girl reward celebrating the Girl Scouts that sold 1250 boxes or more of Girl Scout Cookies! I was so excited to go, because I love to snorkel and swim. I know so many people excited for this adventure; all of my friends and sisters said it was so much fun in past years. It was finally my turn to experience my own high seas adventure!

After a long bus ride, me and the other Girl Scouts heaved a huge sign of relief to see the docks and the Starship Express (our boat). We ate lunch and then loaded up! Like little ants on a mission, each Girl Scout grabbed a couple of bags and took them onto the boat one by one. The ride to the island was pretty cool; water sprayed behind the boat in big waves that looked like shaving cream and the sea spray was salty. When we docked, the ants came back to life and we each grabbed two bags on got off the boat.

Our first meeting on the island was at the main lodge. Our camp counselors went over the rules and then the fun began as we moved into our cabin.

Sunset after dinner.

Dinner was delightful and full of flavor, but the best part was watching the sun set over the ocean. It was so beautiful. Once the stars came out, we enjoyed a campfire, roasted marshmallows and sang lots of joyful and funny Girl Scout songs. As I trekked up the hill to get ready for bed, I was excited for what tomorrow would bring.

The next morning, everyone jumped out of their beds and got ready as fast as they could. We changed into our swim suits and soon we were out the door. Breakfast first, and then water play! We were splashing, kicking the ocean waves and having fun. We even went kayaking on the Pacific Ocean. I was so scared, but it was really fun! I learned a new skill and crossed something off my bucket list.

My friend even said she had a sea lion under her kayak. (I have to admit, I got a bit nervous.) Then I went snorkeling and saw string rays, leopard sharks and brightly colored fish. The bright orange Garibaldi fish is an iconic inhabitant of the Santa Catalina Island reefs. It was so much fun! I enjoyed every single minute of it!

Water fun!

We quickly went on shore to eat lunch, before we leapt with excitement all the way back down to the water. When I jumped into the water I went to the blue floating mat that so squishy and no one was able to stand and we had a ‘how long can stand up on the mat competition.’’ Then they had a dock that we could jump off of and I jumped off with all my friends. The water was awesome so blue and clear, I did send up a silent prayer that nothing touched my legs, the fish were pretty to look at, but I sure didn’t want them touching me! Even though we knew we would have to get out and leave soon I just lived in the moment. There were lots of moments, arts and crafts, the pirate ball and the awesome night hike to name a few.

Then sadly we had to leave the next morning, we were all so sad but, we all had smiles on faces because we were happy to see our families.  After the long ride back home we all said our goodbye’s. As we left one by one you could see how the friendships were really true. We hugged and we laughed and hoped we would see each other again at Camp Catalina!

Good bye Camp Catalina! We will miss you!


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