Camp Quiz: Which Camp is best for you?

Who wants to go to summer camp over the summer? Summer camp is an exciting opportunity for you to get outdoors, try something new, meet new friends, and have fun. Camp Azalea Trails and Skyland Ranch offer a variety of programs with different themes. Are you having a hard time choosing which camp? There are so many camps, it can be hard to pick one. This short quiz can help you better pick a themed camp.


Let’s get started on this simple quiz. Answer the following questions and circle your answer. There will be more directions after the questions.


       1)  How would you best describe yourself?

  1. Top of Form
  2. I’m artistic
  3. I’m always up for an adventure
  4. I like all animals
  5. I enjoy pretending to be someone different
  6. I am a person who that takes charge


       2) What sounds like the most fun?

  1. Painting on a canvas while outside
  2. Going on a day long hike
  3. Riding a horse
  4. Learning about magic
  5. Leading a group of girls at camp


       3) How will you be using your cookie-dough?

  1. Visit an art museum
  2. Plan a week long camping trip
  3. Attending horse camp at Skyland Ranch
  4. Go to Disneyland with your troop
  5. Support younger Girl Scouts with their goals


4) On a rainy day, how would you spend your day?

  1. Develop an art projectBottom of Form
  2. Play in the rain
  3. Pet an animal inside
  4. Play with lightsabers
  5. Teach someone a new skill


5) What is your favorite subject in school?

  1. Art or Drama
  2. Gym
  3. Study Hall
  4. Speech Class


       6) Which would you prefer to do?

  1. Make a bracelet out of clay
  2. Cook over a campfire
  3. Ride horses in nature
  4. Stand in line for a movie release
  5. Help people learn about the outdoors


       7) Choose a career from the list

  1. Artist
  2. Outdoor Guide
  3. Veterinarian
  4. Department of Mysteries
  5. Teacher’s Aid


      8) Which book would you read?

  1. How to make arts and crafts
  2. Outdoor cooking 101
  3. Caring for a new horse
  4. Harry Potter
  5. New to Leadership 2.0


      9) Which movie would you watch?

  1. Camp Rock
  2. Tarzan
  3. Zootopia
  4. Moana
  5. Troop Beverly Hills


10) What is your favorite camp activity?

  1. Arts and crafts
  2. Outdoor cooking or hiking
  3. Going on a trail ride with a horse
  4. Build a BB-8
  5. Helping younger campers



Now that you have finished the quiz. Do you wonder what these letters and answers will tell you? It is time to find out which camp is best for you.


If you mostly got As – You can be an artist for a week. During camp you’ll be making different types of arts and crafts, as well as fun summer activities. Some of the camps that will suit your artistic need are Jewelry 101, or Curtains Up!.


If you mostly got Bs – It is time to enjoy the outdoors. While at camp you can have fun cooking over a camp fire, night hiking, and summer camp fun. Check out these camps you might like Outdoor Cooking, or Nature at Night.


If you mostly got Cs – Are you ready to horse around at camp? Grooming and riding horses is where you belong this summer. Saddle Up! is the summer camp for you.


If you mostly got Ds – Let’s get ready for a week of spells, lightsabers, or time traveling. You can become part of a different reality during the week. These are the camps you might be interested in going to Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Disney themed.


If you mostly got Es – Sounds like you want to be a leader at camp. Attending a leadership camp is right up your alley. Have a blast at LEAP or CIT camps.



Download the camp quiz and share with your troop!

camp quiz


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