Girl Report | Mother’s Day Tea Party

Grace N. 
Hailey M. 








Do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  How do you celebrate that special day?  In Eastvale ,CA, Daisies and Brownies come together to acknowledge their wonderful moms and important women in their lives by coming for a tea party hosted by Troop 724.

On May 6th, Troop 724 introduced their mother daughter tea to the Daisies and Brownies of Eastvale.  Troop 724, my troop, decided to hold it at our community center.  From the huge spread of food and treats, the activities – this being our first annual, and our DJ, Troop 724 pulled together the first Eastvale Girl Scouts Mother’s Day Tea!

In order to have a nice spread of sandwiches, we all came together as a troop and provided 75 sandwiches each.  In the end, we ended up having a lot of left over sandwiches, although, there wasn’t any leftover dessert!   Some of the activities we did at the Mother Daughter Tea were, tea pot craft, photo both, and what’s in your purse.  The tea pot craft was a picture frame that was made out of foam, after you were done creating the frame, you could slip a picture into the back.   At the photo booth you could line up and take a vintage tumbler picture.  The game “what’s in your purse”, was an activity where the moms would look inside their purse and check off how much stuff was in it, and the mom with the most points would win a prize.

One of our Girl Scouts dad is a DJ, so he brought in his entire set for the Mother Daughter Tea.  The DJ did a bunch of dancing, and songs, such as Chicken Dance, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide.  Girls had a chance to lead over the group with the microphone.

As mentioned above, this was our first annual troop held event.  We decided to do this next summer because the cadets in our troop are going to Aulani, Hawaii and the Brownies in our troop are taking a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  We are truly grateful that so many people were able to come and support us.  Thank you so much everyone!  All in all, the event went well and was a blast.  Next year our troop will be hosting another one.  Hope you can attend!

Check out video from the Mother’s Day Tea Party here.


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