Girl Reporter | Rialto Family Festival


Erin N.
Kira B.
Eleasia N.
Girl Reporters

Girl Scouts teaching young children how to plant a golden raintree. Mayor Robertson stopped by our booth. As Girl Scout reporters always looking for a scoop, we asked the Mayor if we could interview her and each ask her a question. She gladly agreed and said she would stop back at our booth once visiting the other vendors. She was glad to see the girls providing community service for The Incredible Community Garden. She came by after an hour and asked if she could tape the interview and take some pictures.

The Mayor came back and we all sat down to ask our questions.

Reporter Eleasia asked Mayor Robertson how long she has been Mayor and why she chose to run for the position.

Mayor Robertson has been Mayor of Rialto for four years and was a City Councilwoman before that.  She feels very strongly about the community and representing the people to better their city by listening to their needs.

Reporter Erin asked Mayor Robertson what are the good and bad things about being the Mayor.

“It is important to step up and help in the schools and encourage the young people to succeed. The hard thing is when you try to support the community and there are those who want you to things that do not benefit the community.”

The Mayor asked each of us where we lived, went to school and what we wanted to do in school. She also shared that she went to school in San Diego and came to the Inland Empire and became Mayor. She encouraged us to do well in school.

Reporter Kira: “What is a challenge you have had as Mayor?”

Mayor Robertson: “Turn a negative into a positive. Working with high school students to encourage and support the community and do their part.”

San Gorgonio Girl Scout Reporters getting the scoop in Rialto.


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