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Girl Report | From Girl Scout to Hero

Elise M.  Girl Reporter On the thirtieth of March, an event known as the ‘Superhero Sleepover’ kicked off.  The event was held for daisies and brownies and included parent volunteers and program aids. The activity allowed kids to get creative and make a superhero based on the Girl Scout virtues. Children who participated in the event were separated into four groups, the smiley faces, the … Continue reading Girl Report | From Girl Scout to Hero

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Girl Report | Empowering Young Women Conference 2018

Samantha E.  Girl Reporter “I am enough”   The Empowering Young Women Conference was founded by The Adrian Dell and Carmen Roberts foundation. The EYWC’s mission statement is to motivate, educate, and empower young women and adults from all over the world. The conference’s purpose is to “empower young women and their female parents and/or guardians through interactive, awareness workshops, inspiring messages and advice from … Continue reading Girl Report | Empowering Young Women Conference 2018

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Girl Report |Start-Up Weekend

Audrey T.  Girl Reporter   Startup Weekend is an event that happens each weekend at locations around the world, teaching people how to create a business in just 54 hours. This is my third Startup Weekend. Last year I attended the first-ever Girl Scout themed version in Los Angeles and then again earlier this year at our very own San Gorgonio Council edition. In addition … Continue reading Girl Report |Start-Up Weekend

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Girl Scouts Out and About: Princess Cruise-lines Leadership Class

Alyssa G.  Girl Reporter Busy! Busy! Leading the way for many people to follow can be a very hard and intimidating job to do, but with the help of the GSGLA and Princess Cruise Lines my fellow Girl Scout, Leah and I, got the 101 on just how to be the best leader you can be. In this exciting adventure with my GSGLA sisters, we … Continue reading Girl Scouts Out and About: Princess Cruise-lines Leadership Class

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Girl Report | Adventure Club

Zoe B.  Girl Reporter   Have you ever been camping? Or been to the mountains or seen the snow? Do you know what it’s like to have your first adventure? If you do, then you’re are lucky because adventures are some of the most exciting things to go on. There is even a club revolving around the idea of going on an adventure – the … Continue reading Girl Report | Adventure Club

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Girl Report | I Care Packing Party

Alyssa G.  Girl Reporter   On March 27th I had the pleasure of attending the annual Girl Scout I care packing party. I always love attending these packing parties because of the love and joy the girls always spread while coloring “Thank You” cards for the people who serve and protect our country every day. My excitement only grew when I turned the corner and … Continue reading Girl Report | I Care Packing Party

Girl Report |Big Bear Badges

Zoe B.  Girl Reporter   Who loves Big Bear? There’s all that beautiful white snow in the cold winter and a large lake in the warm summer. Last winter, troop 1663, sub-troop to super-troop 1661-1663, took a trip to a cozy, wood-cabin. At the cabin, each Cadette – 7 girls in total participated in earning 4 different badges. The badges each girl earned were New … Continue reading Girl Report |Big Bear Badges

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Girl Report | Super Blood Moon

Samantha S. Girl Reporter The super blood moon appeared on January 31, 2018. A lunar eclipse also happened during this amazing event. This combination only happens about every 150 years, therefore, a person can only see this once in their life, if that. For those of you who do not know, a lunar eclipse, a blood moon, and a supermoon are 3 different events that … Continue reading Girl Report | Super Blood Moon

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Girl Report | Cookie Rally – Zootopia Style

Nesha S. Girl Reporter   The fun and exotic start to the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie season kicked off Saturday, January 20th, 2018, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The zoo, located in Escondido, California, resides in a very peaceful and natural setting and the weather was just right that morning! I noticed the lush, tropical greenery as we strolled up the hill to … Continue reading Girl Report | Cookie Rally – Zootopia Style

Girl Report | Start-up Weekend 2018

Audrey T.  Girl Reporter In the summer of 2017, I attended a Startup Weekend event hosted by the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. After that amazing experience,  I decided that the Girl Scouts in my own council should know about and participate in Startup Weekend. I shared my opinions and ideas with Mrs. Carrie and she quickly brought the ideas to life. Mrs. Carrie … Continue reading Girl Report | Start-up Weekend 2018