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Grace N. 

Girl Report

Have you ever thought about fostering puppies?  By fostering, you can take puppies in your house that have been abandoned or found.  They stay at a welcoming home until they are old enough to be adopted.  Many people volunteer to do this. We have all the information you need to know about fostering dogs from Andrea Hove, a foster parent for puppies.

2nd Chances Rescue is a program that helps stray or abandoned dogs from around the Corona, Eastvale, and Norco area.  Sometimes they help dogs from as far as Riverside or Ontario. The rescue lets people foster these puppies or does it themselves.  Some dogs’ owners pass away and need a new home too.  This wonderful rescue place is located at 1204 Sixth St, Norco.  They rent a small home to help temporarily house and take care of the dogs.  The rescue has received review on Facebook.  They describe this rescue as “going above and beyond”.  They will even train dogs and teach people about spay/neutering their dogs.

Andrea Hove lives in Eastvale, is a realtor, and is an active community member.  She has 3 dogs of her own and 20 tortoises, all together that is 23 pets.  Mrs. Hove has helped this organization as a foster parent for about 5 years.  She has only fostered dogs, and never cats due to her husband’s and kids’ allergies.  Most of the time, she fosters puppies and not older dogs because most people will adopt a puppy over an older dog.

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of fostering, Mrs. Hove said, “One disadvantage of fostering is cleaning up after dogs.”  Sometimes there are massive amounts of puppies and it’s a lot of work.  It is also hard to give up puppies sometimes too.  Also, it can be hard to get them adopted out.  An advantage is – she knows she is helping puppies find homes.

The supplies needed for fostering dogs is food, potty pads, and collar.  Sometimes flea shampoo and gates are needed.  The rescue provides food and potty pads.

Mrs. Hove does a lot more than fostering.  She really helps when a dog is hurt or sick.  When one of her foster dogs was found with a broken leg. Mrs. Hove asked the community for help and saved up money to get the surgery needed.  The surgery was a great success!

We even adopted a dog from Andrea Hove.  Her name is Snickers and we’ve had her for about 2 years.  Her litter was found in a field with no mom and no dad.  We were interested in adopting a puppy at that same time.  My Mom saw Mrs. Hove’s post, and we went to check out the dogs.  We chose Snickers and have loved her ever since.

Interested in adopting or donating items?  Here is the information for 2nd Chances Rescue. First, they have a Facebook page or you can contact them through their website.


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