Girl Scouts learn positive body image at Barbie Sleepover!


By Paige Reynoldson, Girl Scout

Last Saturday the Girls Scouts had their Barbie Sleepover at Council. There were about 30 Kappa Delta Sorority sisters who came to help out, along with other staff and volunteers. Everyone had fun! There were different stations all based on positive self-image. At one station, the girls outlined their bodies and wrote positive things about themselves on the outside and things they still wanted to achieve on the inside.

IMG_7555After the girls collected their package, they opened them to find out which one they received. The girls gave their Barbie’s names and made cute, new clothes out of old, donated clothes. I saw one outfit which looked like Elsa’s dress.

At another station, the Kappa Delta Sorority sisters helped the girls with sparkly temporary tattoos and to draw pictures of themselves. They also made treasure boxes for themselves so their secret sister could deliver positive messages to them.

At the end of the night, they ate snacks and watched three Barbie movies. I also helped with painting the girls’ nails. We had to make sure the girls did not eat the popcorn until their nails were dry or else they would have had a big popcorn ball mess on their nails!

This experience taught me that when I grow up I want to be a photographer. This year, I am in yearbook club at my school and I like taking pictures of people having fun and enjoying their life!

— Paige  🙂

Check out our photo album on Flickr to download and see all my awesome pictures!


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