Girl Report | Cooking Up Some Badges


Samantha S. 

Girl Reporter

In Girl Scouts, we are able to earn many badges. In order to earn a badge, you must follow the badge instructions you are given. Many times, these tasks consist of hard work and fun! Earning these badges teach fellow girl scouts, responsibility, and how to work hard. Some badges you can earn consist of first aid, babysitting, cooking, and many more.

In troop 2445, all of the girls, ranging from juniors, to seniors, choose to work on the culinary or, cooking badge. For the juniors badge, they had to make a healthy dessert. It is important to eat healthy, so that we can keep our bodies working properly longer, and live longer. There are only two juniors in this troop, so the two desserts that were made were angel cake,  and apple cinnamon Caramel rolls. After they made their healthy desserts, they had to present it to other girl scouts. As a result of the second task, the troop had a potluck.

The cadets task was very similar. Instead of making a healthy meal, they had to make a meal from another country. It is very important to know how to make food from other countries. Not only does it give you a wider variety of food to choose from, but it also helps so that if you have somebody with a different culture over for dinner, you can make them feel welcome. Some of the meals that were made consist of hot chocolate, which was originated in Europe, chicken noodle soup, which was from Italy, and hamburgers, which are from Germany. These are only some of the many meals that were made. Again, the cadets also had a pot luck. Of course, the cadets and juniors had the potluck with each other, because they’re in the same troop.

    Finally, the seniors had a different task, too. The seniors had to make a meal with local ingredients   This troop consisted of only three seniors in the. One of the meals was a, Lemon Tart.  For those of you who do not know, a lemon tart is a dessert. They also had to share their meals at the same potluck.

 I think this badge was very important. This badge not only gave us some experience in cooking, but it also gave us some background about where the food we make, and eat, come from. I think all girl scouts should try to earn this badge. 


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