What do girls say about Destination Unknown?

 Registrations for Destination Unknown 2014 close November 20th!  Register Online Today!

What Do Girls Say?


 I had a lot of fun on the Destination Unknown trip! I thought it was a very creative way to give us girls an experience of a life time. Plus getting to be with your friends along the way. I will be attending this year’s Destination Unknown trip. Even though I don’t know where I’m going, I know I will have so much fun and enjoy something new! Thank you for the opportunity to share.

— Rylee Lopez, Troop 2160


It was fun. My troop and I are going again this year!

– Maria Capco, Girl Scout

I had a great experience bounding with my Girl Scout sisters from around the Council. I was able to experience new things and can’t wait for the next Destination Unknown to hang out with my new friends!

— Sam Houston, Juliette

I absolutely love destination unknown! I love the thrill of going stop to stop wondering where we’re going next and what exciting plans they have in store for us . What amazingly new food we’re going to try and the suspense sitting on a train or in a car and being able to sit and wonder where you’re going . To look at all the amazing sites out your window and going to sit with so many amazing people. Destination Unknown is the trip I look forward to every single year!
— Emma Thomas, Juliette


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