Girl Report | VidCon 2018


Hailey Mim

Girl Reporter


On the weekend of the 21st of June, 2018, the ninth annual Vidcon event, hosted by Youtube, was held and by the looks of that amazing event, it was a huge success. Lights, color, music, and a whole lot of swag helped to bring Vidcon to life in so many extravagantly fun ways. Turn one way and you stare into the glory of a karaoke stage that blasts music, turn the other and you can experience a live Nickelodeon game show complete with a dive through the hatch of a mouth!

One of my favorite parts of the entire event was the awesome swag! Each and every booth was equipped with lots of fun and crazy swag that was sure to make you remember each and every moment during your time at Vidcon. Some of the coolest things that I acquired were a bunch of pop sockets. I got pop sockets from Facebook, Instagram TV, and Skype. And I have got to say, I love the Insta TV popsocket on my phone case! Lots of booths also handed out cool t-shirts, but there was a catch. A lot of times they wouldn’t just hand you the t-shirt without a challenge first! In the Famebit lounge, to get a t-shirt you had to eat a cupcake that had a very special and very secret filling in it. For my challenge, there were two cupcakes. One filled with sriracha sauce and the other with chocolate sauce. I ended up getting the cupcake with the chocolate sauce, but my editor Kat had to eat the cupcake with sriracha! After that, we got our t- shirts. By adding on a game to some of the swag, the booths made swag even more awesome which I didn’t think was even possible!

Another cool part of Vidcon were the workshops. During the workshops, there would either be a panel of people that discussed a certain topic or one or two people that showed us how to use a certain piece of technology. One of my favorite workshops was when an employee from Snapchat showed us how to create our own filters! He explained how to add logos onto filters, make 3D filters and even how to distort your face using certain tools. He also showed us how to create our own lenses for any events that we might be going to. Other workshops that we attended had famous beauty YouTubers that explained their journey and even their favorite makeup products!

My absolute favorite part of the whole event of Vidcon was definitely the closing show called………….. NIGHT OF AWESOME!!!!!!!! Night of Awesome was well… awesome. With special appearances and performances from people like Jojo Siwa, the Try Guys, Dodie, Elle Mills, Emma Blackery, and PRETTY MUCH, the show really came to life in a huge whirl of light and sound. Amazing artists came out and showed their love of music to the entire crowd by bringing everyone out of their seats. And comedians strutted onto stage ready to give the audience the best laugh of their lives. All I can say is that the Night of Awesome definitely lived up to its name.

Overall, Vidcon was absolutely amazing! I went in not knowing what to expect and I came out wanting more of all the crazy, insane fun that Vidcon had to offer. Really another cool part Vidcon is how they allowed you to learn but still have lots of awesome fun at the same time. I loved the entire event and I really hope to attend again. And if you plan on attending, be ready for the awesome-est night of awesome that the world of Youtube has to offer!!!!


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