Girl Report | Fall Rally 2018

Elise M. 
Girl Reporter

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On September 8th, 2018, at Splash Kingdom – a small waterpark in Redlands, the San Gorgonio Fall Rally was held.  The event started at 4: 30pm, and when it kicked off almost 1500 people fled to the inside halls in order to try the fall products. 
The fall rally is a an event hosted by the council in which they hype up girls for the Fall product sale. The season is meant to prepare girls for the cookie season by helping them learn the process in which the cookie season will be taking.
At 5:00pm, the water park was open for the buyout, sending the normal patrons of the park packing in order for our all Girl Scout festivities to begin. Girls who signed up for the event through girl scouts flocked to the water.  The girls swam and played in the sun all day until around 7 when the ice cream social began.
Most of the girls flocked to the wave pool after the ice cream social and stayed there for the movie. The event ended at nine, freeing the lifeguards from their duties. The grand finale  wrapped up with a small dance party. 
The people who went enjoyed himself and had fun. The girls were able to swim and play during the day and night


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