Girl Scouts ban “bossy” at Cal State San Bernardino!



The sisters of the Kappa Delta Sorority, Zeta Zeta chapter, hosted an exclusive event for Girl Scouts at the Cal State San Bernardino campus on May 31, 2014. The event allowed local Girl Scouts to participate in the national Ban Bossy campaign, which encourages girls to pursue fearless leadership. 

Unknown-1Kappa Delta began with a presentation that helped girls flex their leadership muscles , followed by a question and answer segment. Later, the girls practiced team building activities; these included the “Human Knot” and a jump rope game where girls in teams of two worked together. Isabel Manookian, VP-Community Service of the Zeta Zeta chapter, said, “With both of these games they would have to try to avoid telling each other what to do and [instead] learn how to communicate together as a team.”

Ms. Manookian added, “We had a great discussion about the scenario given in the presentation and also on personal experiences that were shared by the Girl Scouts and some of the Kappa Delta’s. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present this topic. We along with the Girl Scouts learned a lot and we look forward to the future events next year with the Girl Scouts.”


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