Girl Report | Women’s Right Parade

Juliet S.
Girl Reporter

January 19, 2019, marks the third year of women’s marches. Thousands marched in cities all over the U.S. I, Juliet Martinez have marched in my local town, downtown Riverside and I enjoyed this march very much.
The reason why I loved The March was that I felt inspired by each and every remarkable young woman fighting for what’s right. The signs were one of my favorite parts of the March. Whether if they were humorous or intelligent, they spoke true facts and informative everyone deserves to know. I also got a great opportunity to interview Julia Peacock, who is running for Congress, she started running after November 2016.
Julia decided to run after realizing her students were not going to be represented because they were Latino and black. As a result, Julia settled upon giving her students a voice, by realizing she had one. This was important to her because it continues to build justice for everyone that’s too afraid to stand up. 
Considering life today, it’s hard to believe that women once had to fight for basic rights such as being able to own property and the right to vote. This struggle for women’s equality started the 1800s and continues today.
Women began to rise after realizing in order to achieve reform, they needed to win the right to vote. The women suffrage movement begins in 1848 when a women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.
I believe the reason why we do women’s marches is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. This is why Everyone should know its important to believe that women’s rights are humans rights and human rights are women’s rights.


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