We Love Our Leaders!

April is National Volunteer Month and today is Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day. Celebrate your favorite Volunteer in the best way!

The very essence of Girl Scouting depends upon the contributions of volunteers. A heart-felt thank-you goes a long way towards making that person feel appreciated. The gesture doesn’t need to be big and grand — it can be as simple as a thank-you letter.
Let a special Girl Scout volunteer know how much they mean to you.
21 Ways To Say Thanks
  1. Smile and just say thanks!
  2. Share your most special photos, stories and moments on social media for all the world to see.
  3. Send a handmade card, or create a scroll with a thank-you proclamation signed by the whole group.
  4. Give a bouquet of daisies or any other flowers.
  5. Cover your community with signs that say “Thank You, Girl Scout Leaders!
  6. Amazing-Leader-1-coloring-page-TN2 Amazing-Leader-Coloring-Page-2-TN2
  7. Display a thank-you flyer on their lawn or mailbox or house door, and tie balloons to it!
  8. Place a thank-you flyer on their automobile at work and attach balloons to their car antenna.
  9. Present leaders with homemade gifts from the girls and their families.
  10. Record girls thanking their leaders. Post videos on Facebook.
  11. Have him or her collect a Girl Scout volunteer badge.
  12. Make a financial contribution to Girl Scouts in honor of your leader.
  13. Organize a special outing for leaders to relax at the movies, theatre, sporting event, spa, etc.
  14. Give a mug full of chocolate hugs & kisses!
  15. Present volunteer appreciation certificates.
  16. In appreciation for time given by volunteers, give the gift of thyme. Decorate a terracotta pot, and plant thyme. Or give dried thyme, thyme in olive oil, or bread flavored with thyme.
  17. Thank the volunteer for lending a “hand.” Girls trace and decorate their paper hands, and attach them to a poster-sized page.
  18. Give a festively wrapped Girl Scout Cookie box stuffed with thank-you notes from girls, families, and others (instead of cookies)!
  19. Send a small token of appreciation and attach a famous quote or proverb. Check out the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio shop for thank-you tokens.
  20. Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Invite your Leader over for an appreciation dinner and toast to them!
  21. Download and share a “thank you” on Facebook!



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