Girl Report | Running the Theatre one Usher at a Time

Briana K.
Girl Reporter

At the theatre, it takes many people to run a production successfully. There are the actors, the stage crew, and the ushers. All of which are equally important, the actors put on the show as well as the stage crew, and ushers who show patrons to their seats. I got the chance to interview the individual who is in charge of all the ushers. Her name is Ann Marie Fowler (check name).

Ann Marie has been working at the California theatre for 20 years and because she had worked there for so long, she had too many favorite shows, and it was too hard to pick just one. She also is very capable ofat handling big crowds of volunteers and making sure they all help the patrons to their seats.

Over the 20 years, Aann Mmarie has dealt with many difficult situations. In the interview, she recalled one of the most difficult situations she was in. Iit was just before a show and one of the patrons was sick. She was unable to get ahold of the security guards over the radio, and the security guards were searching for her in all the wrong places, taking even longer to reach the sick patron. She had to deal with the situation by herself for around 20 minutes until the security guards reached the sick patrons.

As a volunteer usher, there are many benefits that patrons do not have access to. Some of these benefits include seeing play productions for free, which is good if you love musicals and on a budget. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people. Finally, it is an excellent opportunity to learn and get different experiences that could be useful in future jobs.

After 20 years, Ii asked Ann Marie why she continued to work at the California Theatre, to which she replied many reasons. She does it for the people, and to meet and make new friends who enjoy the theatre as well. She also gets more options to see different shows she might be interested inwould like to see, and gets to see them at little to no cost. As well as seeing shows, Ann Marie stays and volunteers to keep her busy and the fact it is an affordable way to be social.

Overall, Aann Mmarie loves volunteering at the Ccalifornia Ttheatre because of the many examples listed above. At the end of the interview, she shareds that being an usher can earn you community service hours., and Sshe also does letters of recommendation. Along those lines,She also mentioneds that through the volunteering experiencejob, you learn many skills including communication skills, supervising skills, and confidence that one can complete a difficult task.


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