Girl Report | Kick off your summer at the San Bernardino County Fair


Isabel P.

Senior Girl Reporter


The San Bernardino County fair is a great way to start of your summer vacation. With many different attractions, art submissions, food vendors, and animal submissions, you won’t get bored easily.  Every year tons of different people submit items into the fair to win prizes. These items include bread, cakes, blankets, art work/projects, jams etc. The fair is also a great place for Girl scouts to end their year.

20170529_161055When I went, it was Girl Scout day.  Girl Scouts got a discount when entering the fair grounds and if they wore their vest, they received special items from certain booths.  My Girl Scout Leader Ruth Coe and fellow Girl Scout Esther Coe, each submitted many entries to the fair. They won first and second place on homemade jams, first place on a homemade cake, and second place on a mini quilt. They weren’t the only Girl Scouts who submitted – Kaitlyn Stark submitted a science fair board. Kaitlyn made a stem work shop for girls that was also a path program. She had broken down that workshop into the proper sections on the board. She also explained how she got the idea and the projects that fit the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math portions. She won 1st place overall.  Girl Scouts from Blithe also made submissions to the fair. They had made bird houses and creatively decorated them. There were about 16 bird houses all together and most of them had won either 1st and 2nd place. Congratulations to all the girls!

While I was walking around I saw a few Girl Scouts at the pig races, learning about fire safety, and doing many other activities such as playing games.  They also went to mini workshops and audience engaged attractions. In one building, tons of booths with different people and companies were there selling or talking about what they do. The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio had their own booth at the fair. As more Girl Scouts keep bridging and graduating out of Girl Scouts, we need new girls to take our places. Not everyone knows that Girl Scouts start at a young age. Most families want to put their children in scouts but don’t have the access to the information they need.  The booth also was there to educate people who may not know what scouts are or what we do. Overall, the fair can not only be a great after school or after Girl scout activity, but It can be great as a family outing. Next year when finding something for you Girl Scouts or family to do consider the fair an option that fun for all.


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