GIRL REPORT | Stagecoach Family Fun at the Half Pint Hootenanny


By Berania B.
Senior Girl Reporter

One of Stagecoach’s biggest (littlest) attractions is the Half Pint Hootenanny. The Half Pint is a family area where parents with young children can come together to enjoy live entertainment and fun, interactive activities hosted by Johnny Hotshot.  The whole area is staffed by the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council and local Boy Scouts council.

host johnny hotshot - half pint
Your host Johnny Hotshot!

Other organizations who offered activities were the Children’s Discovery Museum Of the Desert (CDMOD), The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and Old Town Artisan Studio (OTAS).  The Half Pint also offers the Tag-A-Kid station, where your child can receive an identification bracelet in case they get lost and can be returned to their parents with less difficulty.

GS facepainting station - half pint
Girl Scouts hosting a glitter tattoos station.

Girl Scouts did glitter tattoos, face paint, sprayed painted hair, and even had a table filled with arts and craft activities, such as coloring your own bandana or hat. The Boy Scouts ran giant versions of classic board games like Twister and Jenga outside the Hootenanny tent. CDMOD had a petting zoo.

living desert zoo gardens - half pint
Animal fun facts and live show.

The Living Desert Zoo ran two days of shows with real animals where they taught children fun animal facts. One of the animals that were featured in their show was a porcupine!  OTAS, on the other hand, had more hands-on activities that required getting your hands dirty. There, families learned how to use a potter’s wheel to create different kinds of pottery art.

Activities aren’t the only attraction the Half Pint Hootenanny has to offer! Some of the live performances hosted at the Half Pint included: The Academy of Musical Performance (AMP), A. Rae & The Rescue Dogs, Red Yarn, and even rising star Emi Sunshine sang at the Half Pint!  

photo op - half pint
Photo op anyone?

As for entertainment, the Half Pint had Johnny Hotshot doing rope tricks with his handy dandy lasso, Fables Of The West hosting hilarious improv shows, and a Live Animal Barn where people of all ages could enjoy petting adorable animals.

The Half Pint Hootenanny even offered many photo ops ranging from old western jail houses to Henny Penny, the giant hen. The Hootenanny alone had around four different sets where the public was allowed to take pictures.

Missed out on the Hootenanny this year? Don’t worry because the Half Pint is featured every year at Stagecoach.

half pint
A live performance on the Half Pint stage.


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