The incredible story of this family will inspire you! This is also how you made difference with a Campership.

We’ve all witnessed what a cookie can do – teach a girl many life lessons and essential business skills – but what can a Campership do?

Here is a beautiful example of how Camperships, and people who care,  can make a deep impact on the lives of girls and their families:

Jeannette Walker, a retired nurse, and her husband Paul became the legal parents of her eight grandchildren in 2007 after being their foster mother for about two years. Walker and her husband, who have three adult children, were ready for the new round of parenting. The couple work hard to support and raise the kids in a loving environment and even earned the title of  “Adoptive Parents of the Year.”

In the family, 11-year old Savannah and 5-year Isabel both qualify to be Girl Scouts. Recently, the Walkers asked for a campership for Savannah. This prompted our Council to take note of the family situation.

Our Director of Programs contacted Jeannette and paid a visit to the home in order to discuss how Council could help the girls.

Between our Director of Programing and CFO, San Gorgonio Council was able to secure the funds for the campership. The next step was to speak with Carroll Hoskins, one of our shining volunteers, to secure Savannah a spot in the High Desert day camp. Carroll was happy to accept Savannah, even though it was last minute.  As an added bonus, Carroll even agreed to accept Savannah’s brother Jachob as a special tag-a-long for the camp!

Council Staff took the brother and sister to camp on the first day. Carroll then arranged for them to get rides the rest of the week to and from camp.

As a result of the experience, Savannah and Isabel are being placed in Carroll’s troop! Their brother Jachob will be joining Mike Hoskins Boy Scout troop. Council even secured a second campership for Savannah to attend resident camp at Azalea Trails this summer.

Thank you to all of you who have donated to our Camperships Fund, helped transport a girl to camp, volunteered their time, and – of course –  purchased a box of Girl Scout cookies. Together we can all help build girls of courage, confidence and character. We also want to thank the family for sharing their story with us!

You can read more about the Walkers in this LA Times article.


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