Girl Report | Program Aide 101

Haley B.
Girl Reporter

Just this past weekend on February 16th, GSSGC held a PA training class. A Program Aide (PA) is a Cadette Girl Scout who leads younger girls who are Girl Scouts. Becoming a PA means many different things, you can plan a service unit camp out, plan an event or activity for other girls, help out at camp, chaperone field trips, and volunteer to assist at council sponsored programs. Becoming a PA gives you access to more roles such as; being a PA for the girls at camps, helping at Girl Scout meetings, and  help planning bridging events. Being a PA comes with responsibilities some examples could be, leading the girls, and put a lot of planning into activities. PA’s are role models for younger girls who dream of staying in Girl Scouts.

            I wanted to know what other people thought of PA’s so I did some investigating, I asked Emily M. (student) if she thought that PA’s are trained enough, her response,” Yes, because they seem very well trained and planned out.” That gave me some information about how they act, it seems that PA’s are getting activities memorized for the girls, these girls hold a lot of responsibilities. I wondered if girls thought that becoming a PA will help them stay in Girl Scouts longer. This is the response I got,” Yes, because they get to teach activities and have fun while doing it,” said Makayla N. (student) girls thought yes, being a PA will help them to stay in Girl Scouts, and some girls thought no, that being a PA will not help them stay in Girl Scouts.

            The girls that thought becoming a PA wouldn’t help them stay in Girl Scouts responses were, “Becoming a PA doesn’t give you an advantage to anything that other girls can’t do,” but there are things that PA’s do that do have an advantage such as, learning leadership and communication skills that they hold with them for their whole life. Whether you are struggling with communication or striving in leading other girls I would suggest becoming a PA. Why? Being a PA and wanting to be a PA aren’t the same, being a PA is going after your goals, just wanting to be a PA is dreaming of your goals, you can make your goals come true easily just with training, you can do anything you put your mind to,communicating is learned throughout being a PA, you’ll excel in talking to kids and adults after one training! Some qualities of a PA that leaders look for are,”Willingness to listen, cheerful, someone who relates well to younger girls, and someone who is empathetic,” as said by Barbara P. (trainer).

            In conclusion, being a PA has many advantages for events. Becoming a PA will bring responsibilities, and you should consider becoming a PA if you are up for the responsibilities and the time and effort. Maybe becoming a PA will help YOU stay in Girl Scouts!


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