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Girl Report | Adventure Club

Zoe B.  Girl Reporter   Have you ever been camping? Or been to the mountains or seen the snow? Do you know what it’s like to have your first adventure? If you do, then you’re are lucky because adventures are some of the most exciting things to go on. There is even a club revolving around the idea of going on an adventure – the … Continue reading Girl Report | Adventure Club

Girl Report | Fun at the Beach Minus the Heat

  Hailey Mims Girl Reporter   The sun shone gently on the horizon casting sunrays over the entire beach.  The sound of the waves bounced in and out of your head.  You close your eyes then shiver.  Today is no ordinary day at the beach.  Behind all of the normal, subconscious thoughts of a typical beach, it is a whole different story in the winter months. … Continue reading Girl Report | Fun at the Beach Minus the Heat