Six Leaders Everyone Should Meet

Council Leader of the Year – Christy Johnson (Southwest)

Christy has an exceptional ability to motivate and teach girls. She is extremely organized with an outstanding business sense, her girls are her top priority and she accommodates all of them in alls he does. This award is the highest Council adult recognition presented to a single leader who has given outstanding service to girls over the period of five consecutive years. Last year, Christy was voted Southwest’s Regional Leader of the Year.

Regional Leader of the Year – Kimberly Drewry (Central)

Kimberly never holds back for her girls. She spends innumerable hours going on outings, planning meetings, driving her girls when there is no ride for them and so much more. She encourages them to be involved in everything from Bronze Awards to Spring camp staff.

Regional Leader of the Year – Tina Colbert (Central West)

Tina is a leader who has exceeded expectations. She is the leader of a super troop and is selfless, diplomatic and truly dedicated to the movement. Tina encourages and enables her troop to do countless service projects around the community and really understands the impact Girl Scouting can have on the public.

Regional Leader of the Year – Scott Azevedo (High Desert)

Scott is an overachiever with a clam demeanor. He is the guiding force for his troop and has taught the girls to be leaders and take pride in their community with their projects. a very active troop, Scott’s dedication to the Movement is illustrated when his girls gleam with excitement at every meeting.

Regional Leader of the Year- Melinda Dougherty (Low Desert)

Melinda has devoted her loyalty and time to bringing the Girl Scout experience to a school that had none before. In fact, she has started numerous troops at this school and int he surrounding Coachella Valley area. Within her troop, she has given girls the tools to travel, earn their Bronze and Silver Awards and, most recently, a Gold Award.

Regional Leader of the Year – Adele Pacheco (Southwest)

Ever since her troop was small, Adele has worked diligently to provide the most amazing Girl Scout experience possible. She embraced the grade-level model wholeheartedly in order to offer outstanding program to each and every girl. As the girls grew, their interested changed and so Adele changed her approach to keep up with their every-changing world. Continue reading Six Leaders Everyone Should Meet