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Girl Report | Veronica’s Home of Mercy: Baby Shower

Lily D.  Girl Reporter On November 4th I went to a baby shower put on by Girl Scout troop 640. The participants were asked to bring donations of diapers, diaper bags, baby wipes, clothes, and baby hygiene products. All of the items donated were given to Veronica’s Home of Mercy. Veronica’s Home of Mercy is organization that provides a home for struggling moms and their … Continue reading Girl Report | Veronica’s Home of Mercy: Baby Shower

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Girl Report | Disney Leadership Day

Milane D.  Girl Reporter Disney is known for the catchphrase… “the happiest place on earth” and on this previous Thursday, I got the privilege to experience the magic myself. Now, I know that Thursday is a school day, but I went to Disneyland and California Adventure with my ASB class for a leadership training and it was an amazing experience. When we first arrived at … Continue reading Girl Report | Disney Leadership Day

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Girl Report | Veterans Day Fun

Samantha S. Girl Reporter Many people celebrate veterans day. Do you? Veterans day is a day when we celebrate, honor, and remember our troops. These troops were in all different ranks and wars. Many people died, to save our country. Veterans day is when we remember those people, the retired veterans, and currently fight veterans. This year I celebrated Veterans Day at Gibbel Park, in … Continue reading Girl Report | Veterans Day Fun

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Girl Report | Support Your Community

Zoe B. Girl Reporter Small Business Saturday is a holiday shopping tradition. It occurs every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was originally founded by American Express in the year 2010 and has been going on since. It helps bring the attention of the importance on the support of small businesses all across the United States of America. Over 6,000 businesses participated in small … Continue reading Girl Report | Support Your Community

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Girl Report | The Science Within

Elise M.  Girl Reporter On Sunday, the 3rd of December, an event titled Frozen STEM was held in the Redlands Central office. The event was offered to the Brownie and Daisy age groups and offered several activities for the girls to do. These activities and crafts were all STEM-themed, spiking the interest of both creative and scientific types. The event the girls participated in were … Continue reading Girl Report | The Science Within

The 2017 Rose Parade

Samantha E Girl Reporter On the start of Thanksgiving break I volunteered for the Rose Parade.  While volunteering there, I witnessed how complete strangers from Riverside came together as a community and helped put a beautiful creation together. The Rose Parade started in the Winter of 1890, the club members of the Valley Hunt Club started brainstorming ways to promote the “Mediterranean of the West”. … Continue reading The 2017 Rose Parade

Girl Report | Girls on Target

Alyssa G.  Girl Reporter   Who said girls can’t shoot? This Girl Reporter is here to tell you all about the Girls on Target event with the Lucerne Valley Lions Club shooting range. During my visit there we got to learn how to safely deal with many different kinds of guns and even got to shoot a bow and arrow!Everyone, there was very careful to … Continue reading Girl Report | Girls on Target

Girl Report | Cooking Up Some Badges

Samantha S.  Girl Reporter In Girl Scouts, we are able to earn many badges. In order to earn a badge, you must follow the badge instructions you are given. Many times, these tasks consist of hard work and fun! Earning these badges teach fellow girl scouts, responsibility, and how to work hard. Some badges you can earn consist of first aid, babysitting, cooking, and many … Continue reading Girl Report | Cooking Up Some Badges

Girl Report | Riverside Day of the Dead

    Long ago, people in Mexico celebrated their loved ones and pets in a unique way, the Spanish called the celebration Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). This was not a day to mourn or be sad, instead, it was a day of celebration and happiness. The celebration is so grand that everyone participates in various ways such as dancing, cooking, and painting. … Continue reading Girl Report | Riverside Day of the Dead