Girl Report | Brush, Stroke, Repeat

Girl Reporter Abigail C. In MayLast Friday, May 31, The Girl Scout Low Desert Office held a paint night. Younger Girl Scouts had the opportunity to paint a flamingo, while older girls got to paint a giraffe. A former Girl Scout showed older girls step by step how to paint a beautiful giraffe. It was a fun experience that brought girls together to make a … Continue reading Girl Report | Brush, Stroke, Repeat

Girl Report | Headdress Ball

Briana Kay Girl Reporter The Assistance League, consisting of women 18 years or older, with 120 chapters all over the country and has a mind set to raise money to support kids through school and illnesses, host an annual event called Headdress Ball. the event,  has aided over 300 kids annually. In April, they just concluded their 58th annual show and the theme was Dr. … Continue reading Girl Report | Headdress Ball

Girl Report | Community Garden

On the 20thof April there was a Girl Scout event that was a gardening patch! Wendy Wong and Tracy Powell were the advisors, and planned this event out very well. Everybody knew what they were supposed to do and how to help! It was as if they had planned it for years! This year Troop 33 hosted this event. This community garden isn’t just a … Continue reading Girl Report | Community Garden

Troop 729 has been a troop for 6 years. Our older girls completed the bronze project last year. They do a lot of activities and enjoy all kinds of activities. They are a daisy to cadette level troop. Most of their girls have been with them from the beginning.  Troop 729 does lots of trash pickup events in apple valley and hesperia. They do bi monthly pickup at the … Continue reading

Girl Report | Women’s Right Parade

January 19, 2019, marks the third year of women’s marches. Thousands marched in cities all over the U.S. I, Juliet Martinez have marched in my local town, downtown Riverside and I enjoyed this march very much.The reason why I loved The March was that I felt inspired by each and every remarkable young woman fighting for what’s right. The signs were one of my favorite … Continue reading Girl Report | Women’s Right Parade

Girl Report | Running the Theatre one Usher at a Time

At the theatre, it takes many people to run a production successfully. There are the actors, the stage crew, and the ushers. All of which are equally important, the actors put on the show as well as the stage crew, and ushers who show patrons to their seats. I got the chance to interview the individual who is in charge of all the ushers. Her … Continue reading Girl Report | Running the Theatre one Usher at a Time

Girl Report

Riverside’s Black History Parade marks 40 years of pride. Members of the U.S. Army JROTIC participate with the expo themed, “it still Takes A village” In downtown Riverside, CA., Saturday, February 9th 2019. Black history month was created in 1926 in the United States by historian Carter G. Woodson with Association for the study of Negro life and history announced the second week of February … Continue reading Girl Report