Meet the 2017/18 Junior Reporters!

Junior Reporters

Yasmine M | Yasmine has always had a love for community service. This has evolved into a weekly volunteer position at her local library, working with the Inland Empire Future Leaders Program, and even donating blood on a regular basis. She rarely passes an opportunity to reach out into the community to lend a helping hand. Yasmine dreams to become a pediatric surgeon and plans to base her medical practice in the Inland Empire continuing to help the community that she loves.
Teagan B | Teagan is a dedicated Cadet. She loves all animals, art, and hockey. She has been a Girl Scout for seven years. Teagan earned her Bronze award and is currently working on her Silver Award project. She’s attended camp at Skyland Ranch twice and Azalea Trails once.
Tara W | Tara is a dedicated Girl Scout. She enjoys reading, writing, and watching YouTube videos. She is very unique and has a heart for helping other. As junior reporter, she is excited to “get the scoop.”
Samantha S | Samantha is a straight A student and works hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA. She does many extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, softball, reading and writing. Samantha wants to attend California Baptist University and study to be an orthopedic doctor. She is looking forward to be a GSSGC journalist.
Samantha E | Samantha is a beloved Girl Scout and sister. She attends a school for the arts, and loves playing the guitar and drawing. During her free time, you can catch her binge watching her favorite T.V. show – “The Office.”
Nesha S | Nesha is rather quiet and has an avid interest in the preservation of the environment and ecosystems.  She enjoys gardening, bowling, tennis, watching the news every evening with her parents, and swimming in the pool with her sweet 10-year-old German Shepherd, Yoda.  Nesha’s favorite moments are the ones spent with her family and she especially cherishes her time with her grandparents.  Even though for Christmas, her twin brother asked for a lock to his door so he can keep her out of his room, she loves spending time with him too!  Nesha is also very fond of her Girl Scout troop and appreciates the almost 10 years of interesting experiences she has had through the GS organization.
Milanie D | Milanie is an adventurous girl who loves to play soccer and spend time with family. She writes about her adventures and the world around her. She likes to make the world a better place any way she possibly can. She has also played club soccer for the past 5 years, which shows her dedication and admiration for the sport. Milanie values education and shows this by getting a 4.0 GPA in every grade. She also values her friendships with her peers in school.
Lily D | Lily has been in Girl Scouts for five years. She loves all thing artistic including drawing, painting, and sculpting. She also enjoys STEM programs and has great enthusiasm about school. Lily loves animals – in fact, over the 11 years of her life she’s taken care of five pets.
Kaylee D | Kaylee is 12 years old and has participated in Girl Scouts for 6 years. She will be commencing her 7th year of Girl Scouts this year! In her spare time you can find her reading, drawing, or making and editing videos. Her ambition is to one day become a lawyer. Pursuing journalism will enhance the writing skills required in becoming a sensational lawyer. She is looking forward to a fun year as a Girl Reporter!
Elise M |“She moved so fast that I can’t keep up” ~Bag Raiders     Shooting Stars, Shooting Stars Elise is a Girl Reporter that partakes in the arts, once she is into something, you can’t drag her away from it. The feeling of putting her emotions into something, whether it be writing or drawing, is her favorite thing. She loves games (RPG’s especially!) and she loves spending long hours on the internet. Her favorite thing to read and watch is Edd’s World. Music has always been a good friend to her, and her taste often varies. One of her favorite artist is currently Mother Mother. “Goodbye Old Friends,” ~Tord       The End, Eddsworld
Audrey T | Audrey has been a Juliette and independent registered Girl Scout for five years. She loves the STEM events and camps that our council offers – especially GenCyber, where she learned to program a Raspberry Pi, that she then used in her 6th grade science project, which was rated among the top 20 in the entire school. In addition to being a top cookie seller every year, she also is very active in school, participating in yearbook and student council while maintaining Honor Roll. She has been a Hula dancer for 7 years and loves to perform. In her spare time, she enjoys making slime. She is also the oldest of 3 siblings.
Alyssa G | Alyssa has been a Girl Scout for 8years and enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people. She’s always up for an adventure and especially loves photographing all the new places she visits.  Alyssa loves playing softball with her friends at NewMark and first base is where you can find her. When she’s not playing softball she’s listening to her favorite band Little Mix.
Zoe B | Zoe is 12 years old and has loved the water as long as she can remember. She swims competitively, does cheerleading, rides horses, and still as time to write a few essays. She attends a STEM based school, giving her a chance to pursue her love of Science and Engineering. She loves animals and spends lots of her time helping at a local horse stable.