Costa Rica 2016 with Carolyn Chrisco

stories-footerCosta Rica: A Touch of the Tropics

Girl Scout Leader Carolyn Chrisco from the Low Desert Region took Girl Scouts on the adventure of a lifetime! The girls will spend 10 days exploring and experiencing the diversity of Costa Rica. The are having fun fun ziplinin, water rafting, participating in the local culture and soaking in all that this rich land has to offer! This trip was for any GSSGC high school-aged Girl Scout seeking to broaden their experiences and join other girls seeking to do the same.  It was an open event listed on our GSSGC website calendar. Check out all the fun they’re having in real time – and plan YOUR next adventure with your troop!

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July 3 at 4:20am

Abby, is the other girl in our picture. She is from Illinois and has been Rylee and Madison’s roommate this trip.


July 2 at 6:48pm 

Folklore dancing and traditional Costa Rican dinner. The kitchen was incredible and so was the food and the hospitality of the owner. Unfortunately today’s whitewater rafting photos will have to wait for me to upload the disk. Our rapids were class 3, the owner of the company, Pongo, was our raft guide and it rained the whole time. We got to jump off a low cliff and ate the best pineapple and watermelon.

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July 2 at 5:21am

Yesterday’s Oxcart painting proved challenging. The work on these carts is incredible. All free hand work. Our class was taken at the original cart makers in Sarchi. It takes 2 1/2 to 3 years to learn the art and there are only 35 cart painters in Sarchi. A standard cart takes 120 hours to paint and each cart has only one artist.

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July 2 at 5:21am

On the way to Sarchi, we saw a couple of beautiful churches. The terra cotta colored church is made entirely of steel.

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July 1 at 7:45am

Breakfast, morning wildlife and our bus in its not so natural habitat. Today we venture to Sarchi, south of San Jose. Our bus driver, Enrique, joins us for dinner as he departs our trip early. This journey is coming to an end more quickly than we expected. Pura Vida!!!

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June 29 at 9:02am

Up and at em today to go on our crocodile safari. We have left the Monteverde region and our fabulous hostesses! In town last night we found some fabulous fun pants and decided to don them for our safari! Stopped for refreshments and bathroom on the way to the pacific region.

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June 28 at 6:34pm

We planted an avocado tree on water district property which is part of the biological corridor and a part of the reforestation. After that, we met Boy and Girl Scout Troop 310, where they performed a flag ceremony, in a downpour, and then we played some games with them. Ended the day with pizza and now a trip into town before we move again tomorrow.

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June 28 at 12:52pm

The morning, our “commute” and lunch! What happened in between, you ask? This morning’s excursion was horseback riding and ziplining. Neither of which we could video or photo. Horses were well “trained” in the art of following and some had personality. The ziplining was incredible but both hands had to be free so…no video😔 we are off to the reserve this afternoon. Just a short break for now.

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June 27 at 5:37pm

Here’s a run down of the day for us. Breakfast is the most traditional we’ve had. Drove into Monteverde, 5 hours. The lake photo is where we were in the rain yesterday with the rain. What a difference. Then we had a guided hike in the cloud forest and got rained on again. Tomorrow is very active.

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June 26 at 5:06pm


Lunch and off to kayak and hot springs. We had a thunderstorm roll in shortly after we got out on the lake and had to turn around due to lightning. It just made us arrive a little earlier at the hot springs. What a way to end the day! Tomorrow is travel in the morning to Monteverde and then a hike in the Cloud Forest.

June 26 at 11:14am

Buenos Dias! Our morning run uphill to the waterfall which is our first visit this morning. Breakfast was yummy, too! Waterfall, chocolate and lunch😊 Heading to kayak and the hot springs in a half hour. It’s an amazing day so far!!!


June 25 at 5:03pm




Our hotel…topiaries and cottages. We are a mile from the waterfall and the chocolate tour. Howler monkeys can be heard in the distance.


June 25 at 3:51pm



La Paz waterfall!

June 25 at 1:56pm

13466299_10153924354084682_2764299848569409354_n 13516437_10153924848534682_2887820193560906373_nPoaz cleared just for us! There was zero visibility this morning and the park was turning away visitors until right before we got there. We did some exploring and our tour bus stopped for a sloth on a wire as we were leaving. 3 hour bus ride to our next region – Caribbean side of the country.


June 25 at 9:52am

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Running with the devil (sing along if you know the lyrics). Cafe Britt coffee plantation tour. There was a butterfly garden by the gift shop. We got friendly. On our way to the volcano!

June 24 at 7:09pm



Dinner is served! Iced tea, salad, chicken with onion and red bell pepper, potatoes with spices (Piccadilly style), one corn tortilla. Tomorrow starts the activities. Volcano hike and coffee plantation tour. We move to another hotel, too.

June 24 at 9:13am





We have arrived!! And now…immigration

June 24 at 12:42am



3 tired girls ready for takeoff!! Costa Rica, here we come!🛫