Girl Report

Riverside’s Black History Parade marks 40 years of pride. Members of the U.S. Army JROTIC participate with the expo themed, “it still Takes A village” In downtown Riverside, CA., Saturday, February 9th 2019. Black history month was created in 1926 in the United States by historian Carter G. Woodson with Association for the study of Negro life and history announced the second week of February … Continue reading Girl Report

Girl Report | Locating a brighter future for women in STEM

Women in GIS (Geographical Information Systems)L             Gender Inequality. Two very big words, with a very big impact. Contained within these fifteen letters are countless injustices; the wage gap, increased rates of domestic violence, educational disparities, inequality in the workforce, degradation, dehumanization, sexualization, and the overall subjugation to a society where women are reduced to conformity and fitting into a formula.              This March, I was able … Continue reading Girl Report | Locating a brighter future for women in STEM

Girl Report | History Comes Alive

Abigail C. Girl Reporter For the past 8 years, the Coachella Valley History Museum has been teaching the young and the old about the history of the place they reside in. If you traveled to the former house of a Dr. Smiley, you would find just as many wonders as you did if you traveled to the schoolhouse to experience life in the early 1900’s. … Continue reading Girl Report | History Comes Alive

Girl Report | Gina Charpentier

Caitlin S. Girl Reporter Gina Charpentier (left) is a volunteer, treasurer, and board member at the Transition Habitat Conservancy-or THC- in Pinon Hills, California. Their mission statement is to Transition Habitat Conservancy protects transition zone and wildlife corridor ecosystems and their scenic, agricultural, and cultural resource values in the West Mojave Desert. We provide education about the fragile and inspirational nature of our desert plants, … Continue reading Girl Report | Gina Charpentier

Girl Report | Program Aide 101

Just this past weekend on February 16th, GSSGC held a PA training class. A Program Aide (PA) is a Cadette Girl Scout who leads younger girls who are Girl Scouts. Becoming a PA means many different things, you can plan a service unit camp out, plan an event or activity for other girls, help out at camp, chaperone field trips, and volunteer to assist at … Continue reading Girl Report | Program Aide 101

Girl Report | Rockstars of the Date Festival

Abigail C.  Girl Reporter For 73 years, the ate estival has evolved from a celebration of an incredibly sweet fruit, to a 2 week carnival filled with rides, pig races, baking contests, and people passionate about gems and minerals. Over 5,000 people attend the festival, which is located in Indio, California.In the gems and mineral building, people sell jewelry of all kinds. From pendants to … Continue reading Girl Report | Rockstars of the Date Festival

Girl Report | A Night in Chocolate Fantasies

Briana K. Girl Reporter On a recent Saturday night,  the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Club hosted their 25th annual Chocolate Fantasy fundraiser event. Because of the variety of sweets, mainly chocolate, that the event provides, it is called the Chocolate Fantasy. There were around two hundred attendees at the event and they were very exuberant to donate to help the organizations … Continue reading Girl Report | A Night in Chocolate Fantasies