The 2017 Rose Parade

Samantha E Girl Reporter On the start of Thanksgiving break I volunteered for the Rose Parade.  While volunteering there, I witnessed how complete strangers from Riverside came together as a community and helped put a beautiful creation together. The Rose Parade started in the Winter of 1890, the club members of the Valley Hunt Club started brainstorming ways to promote the “Mediterranean of the West”. … Continue reading The 2017 Rose Parade

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Girl Report | Deaf Awareness Kick Off Day

Samantha E.  Girl Reporter Recently, I attended the Deaf Awareness Kick Off Day. The event was hosted by the Model Deaf Community Committee and the City of Riverside. The committee is dedicated to hosting events to spread awareness about the deaf community. Their mission is to create an integrated community, that promotes full participation, education, employment, and cultural awareness.  The specific event was to increase … Continue reading Girl Report | Deaf Awareness Kick Off Day