Princess Young, of the National Awareness Programs, Cybersecurity & Communications at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. taught us to stay safe and be aware of what we say and do online. As participants, we played an advanced game of telephone, where girls were grouped into three sets. The point of the exercise was to show us how when a person types a caption or a comment onto social media, or sends an email to a friend, it could come out completely different. Continue reading GIRL REPORT | GenCyber

GIRL REPORT | Girl Reporters Visit “Today In LA” Newsroom!

               By Leah P. Girl Reporter On March 15, nine teenage girls took a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. They were Girl Reporters with the San Gorgonio Council and students from Colton High School with the Classroom To Career program. The group traveled down to NBC4 Southern California’s “Today In LA” studio and met Crystal Egger, who is the … Continue reading GIRL REPORT | Girl Reporters Visit “Today In LA” Newsroom!