Girl Report | The Gateway Arch

Abigail C.

Girl Reporter

The Gateway Arch

The gateway arch is a beautiful feat of engineering in St. Louis, Missouri. This steel arch is the tallest arch in the world, measuring at 630 ft. It is difficult to truly comprehend it until looking right at it. It is one of the many fun things to do in St. Louis,, however, I don’t recommend it if you are afraid of heights. 

Construction for this engineering project began in 1963, and was finished in 1965. It took $13 million to create, which is $80.6 million in today’s money. It was designed by an architect named Eero Saarinen in the 1940’s. This was his most famous work, however some of the other things he designed were, Washington Dulles International Airport, Kleinhans Music Hall  and TWA Flight Center. The height of 630 ft.s the same as the width between the legs, making it a special kind of arch. It was known as the “Gateway to the West” during westward expansion. It took around 20 years to build if you include the design process. 

In order to ride up the arch, you must purchase your tickets. You then ride in an incredibly small carrier, reminiscent of a ferris wheel cart. After the 5 minute cart ride up, you can take a beautiful look at the city below. The best part is, you can come down whenever you like. So, spend 5 minutes or an hour – it’s your choice, hen you head back down. In my opinion, the ride down is much more enjoyable, it reminds me of the decline of a slow roller coaster. 

There are a few other places to visit along with the arch. You can go on the Lewis and Clarke trail, or to the old courthouse. At the old courthouse, you can learn more about the Dredd Scott decision, as it is where the case was originally brought up. The case brought up the idea that if you are a slave that moves to a free state, that you are free. In the end, it was brought up to the Supreme Court and it was decided that even if you move to a free state as a slave, you remain a slave.

All in all, the Saint Louis Arch and all its surrounding landmarks are a lot of fun. You can learn so many different things and get some really beautiful pictures. It was one of the best things to do in Saint Louis, Missouri. 


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