Girl Report | Camp Life

Girl Reporter

Personally, I’m not very much of a camp girl. Also, I never really worked well with nature. I like taking long warm showers and sleeping in for as long as I want. Camp doesn’t have this in store for me, and not a thing for me to look forward to. But, camp Skyland Ranch changed that, I had lots of fun and became friends with people that I will remember forever .

I have been attending camp for two years and it was fun, but this year will always be the best. It’s the first year I didn’t go with my parents so it was unique. It all started with my new day group, I was joined into with my two good friends. For one of my friends it was her first year. Day groups are basically the groups you join to do activities with during the day. 
The thing I loved most about my day group was that all the girls in my group, were all close to my age! Mostly being 12 and 13. These  girls were in my cabin to, so the experience was way better. This is something that I’m grateful for, because we all got along. I did things I would never see myself doing at camp, because I would be to scared or nervous but I did it anyway.
This is one reason I love being a Girl Scout because I can encourage other girls to be one as well. My favorite part of camp is when it’s the last night and there is a campfire with all the girls and we sing songs and eat s’mores. That moment will always be the best memory. Besides s’mores are delicious.
Camp is important because it’s a good chance to get out and enjoy nature and the sun light. Another cool thing is that camp makes it fun, so you would want to go outside and explore. Besides this, staying in all day with nothing to do is unhealthy. Going out once and awhile to do activities, make new friends and maybe just going out for a walk can change a person. 
Camp wouldn’t be camp without the councilors. I loved all my councilors because they were funny and sweet. I’m happy i can look up to them because they handed us pretty well. I can’t wait to become one of them when I’m older. It’s always good to try something new because you’d be surprised of what you can do.
I rode horses did archery, and rope climbed but the less dangerous way! If you are planning to go to camp, get ready for an adventure because it’s excitement fun, surprising and exhausting all in one. Your going to get bugs in your hair and dirt all over your face, but that’s just the camp life.


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