A Blooming Summer Festival

Abigail C.
Girl Reporter

The Lavender Festival is a magical family fun event at 123 Farms in Cherry Valley, California, It has amazing food and fun activities that everyone can enjoy. All in all, it is a fun event that will leave everyone having a good time.

The food at the Festival is delicious. At the cafe, you can get a lavender latte, as well as a lavender scone.You can also get a lavender cronut(croissant and donut hybrid) and marshmallow. You can also get a lavender lemon bar. If you want something to drink, you can get lavender lemonade of lavender iced tea. My personal favorite is lavender ice cream. It is a perfect summer treat.

If you need something to do at the festival, you can visit a 1,000 year old oak tree. It is worn down and battered, but its age leaves it a sight to behold. You can also visit a field of lavender, and at full bloom, the bright purple field is the perfect photo opportunity. You can also go shopping. All the products are made at the farm. You can buy soap, tea and olive oil, among many other things. These include lotion, lip balm and honey, all lavender flavored. You can also shop at the friends of 123 farms, and get things like lavender blueberry and lavender vanilla donuts and lavender cheese, as well as jewelry. You can also buy bread and cultured butter, and trust me, it’s very good. 

The Lavender Festival is a wonderful family event. It has wonderful food, like ice cream and lattes. It also has fun things to do like shop and visit a 1,000 year old tree. In general, if you want to do something on a weekend, the Lavender Festival at 123 farms would be a fun thing to do.  


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