Girl Report | Brush, Stroke, Repeat

Girl Reporter

Abigail C.

In MayLast Friday, May 31, The Girl Scout Low Desert Office held a paint night. Younger Girl Scouts had the opportunity to paint a flamingo, while older girls got to paint a giraffe. A former Girl Scout showed older girls step by step how to paint a beautiful giraffe. It was a fun experience that brought girls together to make a beautiful piece of art.

While painting is truly fun, it also has an impact on all our lives. It helps us express emotions and to develop important skills. Painting also helps younger children with hand eye coordination and developmental skills. Painting and the arts in general help improve our lives in almost every way.

In order to make the giraffe, girls started by drawing the figure with black paint. You then painted the blue background. When painting the actual giraffe, you start at the top and paint your way down. The very top is a dark brown, while the rest is a beige color. Once you’ve finished that, you cover your giraffe in spots. You also color in the eyes and add your finishing touches. Some girls, went all out with their finishing touches. One girl, Kaitlyn, added a monocle and a bow tie to make her giraffe classy, Others simply made the eyes blue rather than brown or added dots in the background.

The girls that attended the event had lots of fun. Logan said she wanted to attend because she, “liked the art and giraffes”. Kaitlyn wanted to go because she wanted to interact with more girls. Other girls, like Nadia, wanted to enjoy a new experience. Others simply did it because they had a love of art.

This paint night was truly amazing. Girls were able to paint beautiful works of art and meet new friends. So, pick up a brush and paint.


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