Girl Report | Headdress Ball

Briana Kay

Girl Reporter

The Assistance League, consisting of women 18 years or older, with 120 chapters all over the country and has a mind set to raise money to support kids through school and illnesses, host an annual event called Headdress Ball. the event,  has aided over 300 kids annually. In April, they just concluded their 58th annual show and the theme was Dr. Seuss the cat and the hat and some this and some that.

To attend this event, a ticket costs $75 for lunch and $150 for dinner. The money goes towards paying off the event, but the rest goes to donate and support kids in need of dental checkups, school supplies, or a new wardrobe for school. Attendees also get the chance to donate extra money to sponsor kids to get dental care or new outfits for school. The whole event is dedicated to helping kids in need and providing them with supplies.

While attendees are enjoying a meal and socializing with friends, the Assistance League puts on a fashion show to showcase magnificent headdress. The models with the headdress are all members of the Assistance League, and are proud to show off the different designs. There were 10 different headdresses, all cosising with the theme of Dr. Seuss the cat in the hat and some this and some that. The models were also accompanied by backup dancers, who were volunteers from anywhere. The dancers had been practicing since February perfecting their routine. Overall, the performance was very enjoyable and well put together.

Throughout the day, many of the attendees enjoyed themselves at the event and appreciated the mission behind the organizations purpose. It also was very enjoyable for the volunteers and enhanced the friendships between the women in each dance group.


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