Girl Report | Community Garden

Haley B.
Girl Reporter

On the 20thof April there was a Girl Scout event that was a gardening patch!

Wendy Wong and Tracy Powell were the advisors, and planned this event out very well. Everybody knew what they were supposed to do and how to help! It was as if they had planned it for years! This year Troop 33 hosted this event.

This community garden isn’t just a garden, they donate to people in need and let people or supporters rent out garden plots, so they can grow their plants if they don’t have the space. They donate 10% of their plants and herbs to people in need! Every year they host this event for Earth Day! Earth Day is April 22nd, events help to support the environment. Earth Day started in 1970 and now more than 193 countries celebrate Earth Day! Gardening is a major part of helping the Earth grow green again. This community garden has done this for 3 years now!

         I asked Tracy Powell, she started the garden, what she hoped the girls learn from this event, she answered,” I want the girls to learn a passion for gardening and how we can help people from gardening.” She is completely right, we really can help people from gardening, we can do this by donating our extra plants or soil to people in need, or we can give them plots in community gardens, like Tracy Powell does. She helps people who don’t have the space for the gardens and she rents out plots of the community garden to them for $5 a month or $50 annually, for people who commit annually to their garden get 2 months free!

I asked Wendy Wong, advisor from Troop 33, if she was involved in the community garden, her reply,” Yes, actually a girl from my troop had a whole plot and she took care of it for a year for her silver award.” A silver award is one of the highest honors you can receive in Girl Scouts, the only honor higher is the gold award. The community garden has been in the making for 3 years and they have advanced so much! Some activities this event had were, zen gardens, sunflower seed planting, deco podge, and painting rocks. All of these activities were very planned out, and fun to participate in for the girls.

Overall, this event was extremely fun to participate in or observe. I would recommend going to this event next year, for you will learn about things that you didn’t know existed, like certain plants! If you don’t have the space for a garden, come to this community garden at the Highland Congregational Church on Atlantic Avenue, and rent a plot and grow some plants! You will learn gardening skills and you only need to come water every other day, they provide water for your plot as well! Gardening for the Earth!


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