Girl Report | A Night in Chocolate Fantasies

Briana K.

Girl Reporter

On a recent Saturday night,  the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Club hosted their 25th annual Chocolate Fantasy fundraiser event. Because of the variety of sweets, mainly chocolate, that the event provides, it is called the Chocolate Fantasy. There were around two hundred attendees at the event and they were very exuberant to donate to help the organizations cause. The mission is to “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.,” The entire  event was sponsored thanks to all the donors who support the organization’s mission. All of the fundraising made by the association goes straight into supporting children through their educational needs, guiding them to becoming active citizens in the community, and helping them with home life.

There were many volunteers the night of the event. They helped serve foods and sweets to all the guests. Others cleaned and took out the trash to keep the venue tidy. Many of the volunteers were highschool age or a little older, and most were very excited to assist in putting on the event. As a volunteer, my favorite part was that we also got to participate in the event and try all the different foods at the different vendors.

As the night went on, the attendees had an option to bid on different baskets. All of the baskets were donated by sponsors and other assorted places.  The money that the attendees bid goes straight to supporting the children. The baskets were apart of the silent auction, however, their was also a live auction, where they offered different vacations and trips.

Overall, the Chocolate Fantasy event is a great fundraiser that helps fund many kids through any obstacle. The coordinators were very excited to support the cause and enthusiastic to get others on board as well, and because of their attitude towards the mission it gets everyone else excited to help the organization support the children in need.



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