Girl Report | Renaissance Fair 2018


Samantha E. 

Girl Reporter


Attending the Renaissance fair was a marvelous experience. The fair mixed whimsicality, fantasy, and education all in one, which I never thought was possible! The fair included a variety of different entertainment for all pirates, fairies, and maidens. The food was incredible too, they had food that you would never imagine possible. The diverse amount of games and activities that were set up made the experience even more memorable, and lively.

So let’s talk costumes and jousting; Tamara Wilborn, without a doubt deserves to be recognized. Designing and making almost all the costumes, she brings the character to life with flashy dresses, leather suits, or flowy skirts for fairies. Some fellow Girl Scouts, were able to ask her questions as she explained what she does at the fair, and how long it usually takes to make a costume. Savannah Mansour (Daughter of the Entertainment Director: Kristen Mansour), is the multi-tasker of the Renaissance Fair, helping with the makeup designs, painting fancy signs, all while doing three jousting shows a day. Savannah and other jousters told us about how they got into the jousting business at the Renaissance Fair, and how a lot of them never really saw themselves doing what they do now as a job. After the jousting and costume design sessions, we were introduced to the Director of the small shops and vendors, Michelle Amsbury, and the Director of Entertainment Kristen Mansour.

One all of the sessions were over, all the girl scout were able to walk around to participate in fun, and enjoyable games and activities. One activity that I choose to do was “Candle Making”. We started off with a candle wick and started a repeating process of dipping the wick inside the colors of our choice. In the end, we were left with a beautiful candle with a pattern of various colors. Other activities that we could participate in were face painting, knife throwing, archery, tea with the queen, and customizing your own fairy garden. If you didn’t come to the Renaissance Fair without a costume, that wasn’t a problem. There was a mixture of different shops. From full-on costumes to bags molded to look like monsters, they had it all. You could also buy premium hand-crafted flower crowns, or just a simple but beautiful crown to fit your mood or style.

Overall, the Renaissance Pleasure Fair was an amazing and educational experience. I was able to make new friends and some amazing family memories. If and when I have the chance, the Renaissance fair is something I would definitely want to go to again. I was so happy to see that the main and the most important departments were run by women, which shows that we can do anything and be anything we want to be as long as we put our minds to it and work hard.


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