Girl Report | Zoopaloza


Elise M. 

Girl Reporter

At the San Diego Zoo on May 5-May 6, the first Girl Scout only Roar and Snore was held. The event was open to all Girl Scout troops in the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council and the girls who participated in the event learned about climate change and deforestation. During the day girls hung out at the zoo checking out the animals. Overnight they slept in the designated area in the zoo.

20180505_160532On Saturday, the girls of Troop 2532, walked around the zoo before joining the others at the Roar and Snore. Before they were sent to bed they ate dinner. After dinner and S’mores were eaten, the girls walked the tram path with a tour guide. The tram path was a part of the Africa exhibit, where you could have close encounters with the free-range animals there at the zoo. We started towards the beginning and began to circle the enclosure. We began at the lions and walked our way to the cheetah, and then we headed to the elephants.

After they were all done with the tram, the girls exchanged swaps and introduced themselves to girls outside of their troops. They traded swaps for about 30 minutes and began to get ready for bed. Some girls decorated their bags and got together while others kept them to place on the separate items. The tents that were supplied felt like miniature cabins, they held up to four people and came with mats, a trashcan, and a doormat to wipe your feet on. The tents were located by the lion pit, so they were woken up by the lion’s roars!

In the morning, the girls woke up early and had a tour of the park before it opened. They wandered through the zoo and got to see the tigers swarming in their enclosure, roaring at the girls and each other. Afterward, they put their stuff away and went to the activity their troop leaders planned. Troop
2532, decided to do the jungle ropes course, which was suspended over the park. Once the girls were done they left. The girls learned many lessons about global warming and deforestation. The girls also learned tactics on how to save the animals endangered and rehabilitated there at the zoo. Those who participated all had a blast.


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