Girl Report | Redlands Community Circus


Elise M. 

Girl Reporter


On Wednesday May 2, 2018, a Cirque performance was held at the Redlands community center. Every year the event is open to Girl Scouts and those who wish to see it. The Girl Scout price was $15 and it included a popcorn and a water.

As the people in the show set up for the first act the crowd filled in and got situated. The show started off with the cliché showing of bad and good. The first act kicked it off with a bang, the people crossing and doing backflips and all sort of neat tricks.

pasted image 0If the performers only had one act they would exit and go to their parents, usually leaving straight after. Some girls who were performing were actually Girl Scouts themselves! As the performance drew on the audience ‘oohed’ and ‘awed’ at the people, clapping as often as possible.

Seeing the show inspired me to try something I have wanted to do for quite a while – aerial silks! Aerial silks are a type of acrobatics that is performed with some sort of grip on a silk stretch attached to the ceiling.

pasted image 0-1There are two types of silks, hammocks, and ribbon. The ribbon is usually two strands of loose ribbon attached to the ceiling, while as the hammock it one stretch of ribbon in a sort of hoop hanging from the ceiling. You can do over 100 different poses with the same ribbons. Aerial is something that is fun to watch and do and it takes quite the dexterity for the exercise. Acrobatics is also a great way to move your body and gain some strength.


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