Girl Report | Silver Award Project


Samantha S. 

Girl Reporter

The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, Troops 2445 and 1217 are teaming up to achieve high goals. They recently started on their Silver Award Project. The Silver Award Project is an opportunity given to girls in 7th and 8th grade to give back to the community. When doing a Silver Award Project, you must find a problem or something you want to address and then find a way to fix the problem or situation. You must have several hours of work logged, and must share your project.

For their projects, they decided to make carnival games for Camp Ronald McDonald, a camp for cancer patients and survivors. This campsite has two different types of camps. One of them is a family camp, for children who are younger. The other camp is for older kids, who go with a sibling. They made the carnival games for the family camp.

Some games that were made, were toilet toss, ski ball, frog launcher, kerplunk, and more. Toilet toss is when you toss a bean bag into the hole. It is called toilet toss because the hole I outlined with a toilet seat. Ski ball is when you roll balls up a ramp and try to make it up into the holes. Frog lunches are when you hit a target and try to send the bean bag onto the lily pad shaped platforms. It is called frog launcher because the bean bags are decorated as frogs. Kerplunk is when you have a wired fence when n a circle and sticks poking through both sides of the fence. Then there are balls in the middle. You have to pull each stick out and get the least amount of balls on your side.

First, we had to get the project approved. After it was approved, we had to meet with the camp owners and counselors to find out what games they wanted. Then, we had meetings once a month to discuss progress. After we chose the games, we went shopping and did research on the tools and materials. Next, we built the games, piece by piece. Finally, we got to paint and add decorations.

We had a lot of fun making this project and we feel it was a good way to earn our silver award. We also learned many things, including how to build, paint, and publicly speak.

I think the Silver Award project is something every Girl Scout should do, whether they are in a Troop, or are a Juliet. Not only is it a great learning experience, but you also need to have done the Silver Award project, to get your Gold award. The Gold Award project is when you make a lasting impact on your community.


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