Girl Report | National Junior Honor Society is taking over schools near you!


Milanie D. 

Girl Reporter

At my school, River Heights Intermediate, we have a program called “National Junior Honor Society”. I am enrolled in this program and there are various tasks that we have to achieve as members.

For National Junior Honor Society we have to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service, educate our school on the program, and be role models to our fellow peers. This program is to help students achieve our five pillars, Scholarship, citizenship, service, character and leadership. Here is a short video that myself and some classmates created. Enjoy!

As proud members of NJHS, we are to set an example to the community and we do this by helping make the community a better place. One example of this is, we helped create posters to advertise local events in the community. Another example is that we helped at the Eastvale Elementary book fair and picked up trash at Harada Park. For the Eastvale Elementary book fair, as a group we read books to the young kids, learned how to run an activity such as a book fair, and even create relationships with other peers in the society.

NJHS is a privilege that I think should be widely spread to schools all over the country. So if you hear that an NJHS is coming to your school, I highly recommend interviewing for this Society. You will learn new life skills, how to stay organized, and most importantly build relationships with your fellow school peers while helping make the community a better place.




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