Girl Report | Stagecoach Bound


Milanie V.

Girl Reporter


Keep all hats and cowboy boots inside of the festival while you are having a fun time at Stagecoach 2018! My experience was so amazing and filled with so many fun activities that kept me busy all day. There was great country music, half-pint Hootenanny, and even some interesting food options for everyone.

At Stagecoach we were set to work a shift each day at a place called the “Half-pint Hootenanny”. The Half Pint Hootenanny is an event for all ages to come and was established in 2007 and is run by Girl Scout and Boy Scout volunteers. When we first got to Stagecoach, we were greeted by wonderful Girl Scout volunteers that escorted us to the site where we would be working. I was so exited and nervous to start working at Stagecoach for the first time ever! So, we first helped out by supplying support to the different booths. There were glitter tattoos, regular tattoos, face painting, checkers, and so many more! I decided to help out the face painting booth and I am not the most experienced artist, but it tried my best. This young boy really wanted me to create his face into a tiger and I was very shocked. But to my surprise, I can say that I did fairly well for my first ever full-face painting.

There was so much amazing singing and dancing going on, it was just incredible! I got the privilege to interview some of the amazing acts that were present at the Half-pint. For example there was a family band called, “Nocona Family Band”. I was able to interview a wonderful woman named Adrienne. She explained to me how the Nocona Family Band plays song mashups at parties with neighbors and guests. There are several kids in the band and they all said that they love being in the band because it is really fun. The kids also have a band especially for them called, “wildfires.” The band has been together since their youngest daughter was born, and she is now 10 years of age. Adrienne explained that her favorite part about being in a family band is exactly what it’s called. She said that it is amazing to have the entire family joined in on being apart of music.

At Stagecoach, Toyota was present promoting new models of their cars. They had an event called “Exhibit Love.” This exhibit promoted several different types of activities that everyone at stagecoach could enjoy. For example, they had a free ice cream station, ring toss, and they even had a storage container promoting for everyone to recycle their water bottles to prevent damage to the environment. The container was filled very high and I don’t blame them for this creative idea because it was very hot. There was also a stage in the back of the tent called the Music Den, where performers would sing songs and dance to music with all the people who were waiting in line, or even to just jam out to some country tunes.

Stagecoach was definitely an enjoyable time for me. I loved volunteering in the Half-pint and getting to experience the festival from a volunteer’s point of view. Reporting and interviewing was my favorite part, but if you ever decide to go to Stagecoach, I recommend it.

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