Girl Report | From Girl Scout to Hero


Elise M. 

Girl Reporter

On the thirtieth of March, an event known as the ‘Superhero Sleepover’ kicked off.  The event was held for daisies and brownies and included parent volunteers and program aids. The activity allowed kids to get creative and make a superhero based on the Girl Scout virtues.

image2Children who participated in the event were separated into four groups, the smiley faces, the stars, the superheroes, and the hearts. Each person in each group had a sticker to match their group name. Each one of the groups started off at a table where they did a craft. The groups would switch off crafts every 45 minutes.

The girls made things such as capes, shirts and cuffs, each one enjoying and loving what they made. The girls also colored worksheets, and designed their own Super Hero! Girls such as Tiffany, age 8 brownie o troop 448, “really love superheroes” and said the event was “really, really, really fun.”

After the four rotations. the girls gathered around the campfire to eat s’mores and sing songs. Before the kids started the each wore what they had made during the day, and paraded around the campfire. After which they enjoyed their snacks. After campfire things began to wind down quite a bit, the children got ready for bed. Those who stayed overnight slept in tents on their own, or accompanied by another girl.

The ‘Superhero Sleepover’ was an event that was fun for all the kids who participated. It not only stuck to the Girl Scout Law but let the girls find more connection to the words. Everyone who helped enjoyed helping out and all the people who were helped had so much fun.


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