Girl Report | Scholarship Workshop


Samantha E. 

Girl Reporter

On April 4th, I was able to attend the 2018 Scholarship Workshop held by the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council Girl Scout Network and Career Alumni. At the workshop, I was able to hear many motivational and informational speakers tell us the importance of applying for scholarships and college. Several of us were able to get some new tips and tricks for future help.

The workshop started off with Girl Scout Ashlyn Morris for the first session, she introduced the first speaker, Pricilla Grijavla from Norte Vista High School. Pricilla talked to us about the importance of the scholarship journey. I was very excited to learn about being cautious and aware of scholarship scams – if a scholarship application asks you pay a fee, then it would most likely be a scam. After the first speaker was done, Ashlyn brought up the next speaker – Claudia Hayton from Crafton Hills. From Claudia, we learned all sorts of stuff. One piece of information that I learned was what FAFSA is and how it works. After Claudia was done, we took a short stretch break and got to meet new Girl Scouts.

Throughout the rest of the speakers, I was able to get lots of tips and tricks. One thing I found very interesting was learning about the different types of resume; some types of resumes included the chronological (the most common type of resume), functional (focuses on your skills and experience), and then the scannable resume (can be viewed by a computer). We also focused on FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. We were reminded of the deadlines, and how to complete the form on One point that I felt was also important, was to match your personality to your career, say you are more social than anything, you would be good as a nurse, social worker, or a teacher. If you are more artistic then you would most likely be good as a photography, game designer, or a dance instructor. During lunch, we were given time to eat with some of the speakers and ask them questions about their work. After all of the speakers were done we gave them a big round of applause and were given time to talk some more with them. Being able to attend this workshop was an amazing experience. I was able to meet new people and got ahead in planning my future college career.




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