Girl Scouts Out and About: Princess Cruise-lines Leadership Class


Alyssa G. 

Girl Reporter

Busy! Busy! Leading the way for many people to follow can be a very hard and intimidating job to do, but with the help of the GSGLA and Princess Cruise Lines my fellow Girl Scout, Leah and I, got the 101 on just how to be the best leader you can be. In this exciting adventure with my GSGLA sisters, we learned just what it takes to manage time, money, and most importantly people. From booking actors and dancers to figuring out just where the ships next destination will be, we got an exclusive look at the behind the scenes action and how the staff juggles so many responsibilities. We even got a fancy gourmet lunch and got very good tips from the staff.

image1From the minute we stepped on the boat we were greeted by GSGLA staff. Even the GSGLA CEO was there! When she found out we were reporters from San Gorgonio she was ecstatic and even gave us her personalized patch! Our first stop on the ship was a PowerPoint presentation of the cruise lines core values such as “always being consistent” and “always being accountable.” I learned that their core values are very much like our own Girl Scout values.

After the presentation, it was lunchtime! We were shown the dining room where we were served our three-course lunch. I felt so special! The food was delicious but I have to rave about the dessert. Not only did our table get a plate of cookies and macaroons we also get a chocolate sponge cake with delicious warm vanilla pudding in the middle, my fave! Joining us at our table were select members of the princess cruise line staff. We were able to speak with Mrs. Tamara, who is in charge of travel and scheduling. She’s the one that books all the acts for the ships and makes sure everything is smooth sailing.

She told us that the costumes and dresses for all the dancers have to be specially fitted by the company’s own seamstresses. They have to travel by the costumes aboard every ship. Wouldn’t that be a cool job? We also spoke with Mrs. Karolin who is the senior manager of onboard revenue. She’s in charge of organizing the art shows and the amazing spa.

image3After lunch, we were off to explore this gigantic ship! The kitchen was our first stop. It was so cool to see the whole meal plan printed and hung up on the kitchen wall for the entire cruise. It even listed what the passengers were allergic to. Next was the theater. We went behind the stage and got to see the dressing room for all the performers. There are so many costumes that they have to be stored on a revolving rack that goes all the way up into the ceiling. It was so cool!

image4Our last stop was the captain’s deck, that’s where they steer the ship! We met a third-year cadet captain named Sven. He told us he was from a little island in between Sweden and Norway. He had the neatest accent! He showed us where and how he steered the ship and all the cool little buttons he gets to push.

Before it was time to leave we got the chance to take a picture with the mascot of Princess Cruise Lines. We were also given our Swag Bags, which contained some really awesome things such as a nice water bottle and a plushie of the cruise ship.

At the end of the day, we were so tired but so grateful for this opportunity. This leadership class really made me think about what career path I would like to pursue. I never knew there were so many interesting jobs on a cruise ship. We had so much fun meeting and becoming friends with my GSGLA sisters. We would like to thank Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for having us and hosting such a fun and informative event. Look for us in 10 years on your next Princess Cruise Ship. We may be your next captain!


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