Girl Report | Give thanks to the Veterans


Milanie D.

Girl Reporter

Our American Veterans served are risking their lives every day to make our country free. I got the privilege to help give veterans a great day of happiness and joy. My Girl Scout troop 724 held this event at the American Legion in Norco, California. American Legion is a team of fellow veteran motorcycle riders and the actual hangout is welcoming to everyone!

At this event, we welcomed veterans and served them delicious food. We served tacos, beans, rice and all different types of sauces! We had a live band there for the veterans to enjoy some music and for us to dance to. Every girl from our troop helped serve food and even interact with the different veterans. They were all so kind and funny, I really enjoyed my time with them.

We decided to put on this event because there are a lot of veterans in our country that don’t get to see the outside world everyday like us, so we wanted to give them a time to remember. And what better way then to put on this event!

Now some might be wondering what the American Legion is. The American Legion is a center for veterans and everyone to interact and have a great time. There are so many different locations for the American Legions, so if you would like to visit one, just know that there is probably one very close to you. We chose this place because we felt that this was a perfect spot for the veterans and there are so many different ways that we can create an enjoyable time for everyone that attended.

My troops time and effort into this event were well appreciated by the veterans. We got to see many people have smiles on their faces and create memories that will last forever. If you ever see an American Legion by you, feel free to come in and explore the amazing things that are in store.


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