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Zoe B. 

Girl Reporter


Have you ever been camping? Or been to the mountains or seen the snow? Do you know what it’s like to have your first adventure? If you do, then you’re are lucky because adventures are some of the most exciting things to go on. There is even a club revolving around the idea of going on an adventure – the Adventure Club. It features Girl Scouts from all over San Gorgonio Council, ranging in ages from Daisies to Ambassadors and their all working together to find their next big time to go on an adventure. Just because you’re young or old doesn’t mean you can’t work with others and go on something spectacular. They’ll accept you no matter your looks, age, or personality.

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Joyce Knoll

This program has been around for many years but has just been started in San Gorgonio by Joyce Knoll. She has been running this program for Girl Scouts in San Gorgonio Council for about 3 months now. They have recently been planning on what they will do for their first adventure. So far, they have decided to explore downtown Los Angeles for a day sometime in the month of May. This is a good trip because it will assure that Girl Scouts of all ages will be able to participate. Only older Girl Scouts can go on adventures that are out of the state or even out of the country if they wanted to go that far. Even if you don’t go right away, you will still have your opinion valued and Ms. Knoll will help you get there one step at a time. She will also help you to build your confidence in the positive Adventure Club environment.


They have begun to think about where they will go for future adventures as well. They are thinking about both outdoor and indoor things that they can do. They were thinking about rock climbing and swimming with dolphins and other fun ideas. Most of their ideas are kid-friendly meaning that most of their ideas can include the Daisies and Brownies depending on where they doing. Even if the younger scouts cannot go out of the country, the older scouts can. This means that if they want to go out of the country, they can create a group of people that want to go and decided when and where they will go on their adventure. They will make sure to set a date and time for a planning meeting. They will have help from Ms. Knoll and the other supervisors if they need it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 8.07.36 PMThis club is different from the other clubs or activity groups that Girl Scouts has because they accept girls of all ages. Not all clubs or activity groups allow girls of all ages because some of them are focused towards Cadettes while others are focused towards Daisies. It depends whether or not they are given the chance to go and embark on the adventure they wish to do that time. Also, Adventure Club had an environment where the kids in the club are given the chance to express their opinions. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks in the room as long as you are happy with your decision. They do not accept negativity and only use the positive to push the club forward and help the girls to express their opinions. This gives everyone a chance to share
what they want to do and to show what they want to do as a group no matter your age, size, personality, or looks.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 8.06.32 PMAdventure Club gives everyone the chance to express their opinions and do what they want to do in a positive environment. One of their members, Zoe, first joined Adventure Club so that she could widen the number of adventures she had been on. She has been to Greece, Italy, Mexico to see baby grey whales, and even to Hawaii to snorkel with her family. She hopes to do things like swimming with dolphins, rock climbing and going to Disney World in an opinion safe environment where there is no judgment.

This club gives all Girl Scouts the chance to go on an adventure whether their tall or small or even the youngest of them all. No matter who you are and what you want to do. Adventure club allows you to build confidence in talking with others and helps you to be happy with your opinion. It doesn’t matter if no one likes your ideas and opinions because they will be valued either way and it doesn’t matter who you are as long as your confident about who you are personally rather who other people want you to be. Just be yourself and share your opinion with everyone. It doesn’t matter if it looks like no one will value it because you know at least the Girl Scouts in Adventure Club will care.


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