Girl Report


Elise M. 

Girl Reporter

Many people believe that girl scout is a program that is exclusively contributed to the distribution of cookies. However common this misconception is, it is certainly not true in the slightest of ways. The public believes that cookie season is the only time girl scouts are active in the community.Before we discuss the reasons it is not, we must delve into to the reasons behind the common misconceptions. Due to the isolation of most activities within the community, the public is led to believe that cookies are the only things the girls do, seeing as that activity is to the public. Despite all o the accusations and false claims, Grils within the girl scout program strive within it and work to be the best they can.

Girl Scouts sell cookies, yes, but those are not what define us. In fact, we have an acronym that shows what G.I.R.L. Scouts is all about! G, girls in our communities are go-getters and will plan step by step to reach their goals.Most likely the reason behind the fact that over fifty percent of business women in America, are or were former girl scouts.

I, innovators are all around us, but within our community, we’re as strong as we can be. No wonder that out o the current female congress members, over seventy-five percent of them were/are Girl Scouts.

R stands for the risk taker, girls who do decide that girl scouts is what they enjoy, take risks within and out of their community.  That’s a possible reason why former girl scouts have flown on over forty of the original missions to the moon.

L is the last letter on our list and is most arguably the most important. L stands for leadership and is a strong part of what makes girl scouts, girl scouts. Girls take charge and lead their own cookie business, and learn the skills necessary to take charge.

In our community, we hold many events, camps, and activities. Such as S.T.E.M. fueled event that will help the girls along with a career of their choosing. We hold events that can help motivate girls to pick a career that’s right for her.  Even though the sales from our cookies provide us with funds for these things, doesn’t mean that’s all we do. That statement could not be any further from the truth. We run activities to help them towards their future, and we help build their dreams.


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