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Elise-M.-RoundElise M. 

Girl Reporter

On Saturday, January 6, 2018, Troop 2532 held their very first silver project at Stardust Skate Rink.  The event was titled “Nightmare Before Christmas, Skate after Christmas”, and was themed around the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton.

The cadets worked on the decorations which were spread out amongst the rink, the rink started to transform into the whimsical world of Nightmare Before Christmas.  It  kicked off at five, and the participants were allowed to skate on the floor. The event was fifteen dollars and included a drink and two slices of pizza.

Silver Projects within the Girl Scouting community are a huge deal, and it’s the highest award one can get in the age rank Cadette. It’s a huge honour to be able to complete it and there are tons of scholarships for those who do. Within the Girl Scouts community, people will recognize what you have done for the community and the amount of time you have put into your Silver Award and that means a lot to hundreds upon hundreds of people in Girl Scouts.

They were allowed to obtain their drinks after the skaters performed their cartography. Four of the ring’s skaters showed up to the event. One of them, Jena Bowmen, was a part of the silver project, while the others showed up to help support their friend.

This silver project was about bringing light to a specific sport, which was skating! Skating has been a national sport since 1992.  They started off as a simple event in the U.S. summer Olympics and soon grew into an internationally recognized sport. Competitions are held all over the world and are increasingly becoming a more popular sport. The people within the sport are dedicated to their sport.

People within the sport typically work every day, putting their blood, sweat, and tears within their skill set. The kids are proud of what they do and love to show it off to others.

The dedication they put into it is outstanding, their talent and skill increase every day, learning with their failures. Every day the kids and adults put their all into it, and it makes them happy.

Skating is something anyone can do, in fact, almost everyone can pick up a pair of skates and try them out themselves.  There are no age limitations, and the activity is one anyone can enjoy.


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